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Table of Contents
1: Introduction
2:Literature Review
3: Methodology
4:Data Analysis
Thesis Table of Contents
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 This is usually 200-250 words and describes the subject of the research, the methodology employed and the main findings and recommendation.
A rationale and justification for the need for the study. A broad statement of the purpose of the study and its aims and objectives. The research problem, specifics and justification of these objectives should be included in this section.
Literature Review:
The literature review considers the work of theorists in the area and compares their work with others. The section should not merely be descriptive, but rather should compare and contrast various perspectives on the matter. 
This section is used to provide details of the design of the research. There is normally a reiteration of the objectives. It should include a rationale for the choice of research design/approach, the procedure used, details of the empirical work and the method of analysis.
Data Analysis:Results&Discussion:
This section is probably the most important section of the Thesis and the findings of the work should be discussed in detail in relation to the original issues/problem. An interpretation of the findings and a discussion of their practical and theoretical implications should be included.
The work should be concluded by identifying and highlighting the key findings and by suggesting some areas for improvement and/or further work depending on the topic.Examples of such material would be the questionnaires and computer programmes.
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